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Patrick Curnalia, JD, LL.M.

General Counsel

Patrick is a licensed attorney and general counsel for the Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver. Prior to law school, Patrick worked in a community mental health setting with individuals with developmental disabilities to help them develop life skills and, in many cases, assist them into transitioning into more independent living arrangements. Patrick enjoyed working with these individuals and seeing them progress from group homes to independent living in many cases. Working with these clients gave Patrick a glimpse into the lives and struggles of families with family members with developmental disabilities. In all of Patrick’s work with The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver, he tries to identify ways to help the agency meet the special needs of the agency’s clients.

Connie Flieder

Administrative Assistant

Connie is delighted to be a part of The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver. She has devoted most of her life to supporting and advocating for children with multiple medical and daily life challenges. She is passionate about being present in the present and enjoying the little moments and events in each day, regardless of the other pressing difficulties and hurdles in life. She is the proud mother of eight children and has been blessed to care for many others. Connie attended the University of Colorado where she pursued Neurosciences and Psychology degrees. She became interested in specialty therapies, such as Neuro-Developmental Treatment for children with brain injuries and other developmental barriers. She was fortunate to find many mentors and have many clinicians share their expertise and training with her, as she worked to improve the possibilities of the children she loves. She is excited about being a part of this team and looks forward to experiencing the joy and wonder in life through the eyes of the unique children that come share their journeys here at The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver.


Caroline Brehm

Human Resource Coordinator

Caroline loves working with children and helping them accomplish their goals. Since 2009, she has been teaching ballet and creative movement to children throughout Canada and the US. In addition to dance, Caroline attended the University of Windsor in Canada where she received her Master’s degree in Environmental Science on a full scholarship. She is very excited to join the Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver as an Office Assistant!