An Update on Masks

An Update on Masks

Today as we honor the men and women who have given their lives in service to our armed forces, we also welcome a summer that will surely be one to remember. From our whole team, we hope you and your families are finding warmth and enjoyment on this long weekend.


We wanted to provide a brief but important update on the State of Colorado’s public health requirements that we are obligated to follow in order to provide our therapeutic services to your family.


As you may have heard, the State requires that everyone above the age of two must wear a mask during therapy sessions, among other activities involving in-person interactions with non-family members. We understand the several layers of complexity that this regulation may cause your family. We want to make sure your family continues to feel honored, heard, and has the most therapeutic experience with our agency, given the regulations that were set before us.


We never stop advocating for you and your families with our federal, state, and local regulators and partners. As a result of these continued efforts, the State has allowed an exemption on mask wearing in our sessions for clients who have a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask. We hope this allows us to continue serving more of you during this new season.


Kerry, our client services coordinator, can send you this medical exemption form if this applies to you or your child. Please call us at 720-442-2720 or ask your therapist if you have questions or would like to discuss your care plan.


Thank you, now and as always, for including us in your family’s journey.


Looking for Masks? Here are the best public resources:

  • Call 211 and you will be directed to your city and/or county’s best resource for masks.
  • For reusable face masks, they can also request these at
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