Sherrill Gallegos, LMT

Massage Therapist

Sherrill has been a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) since she graduated from the Massage Therapy Institute in 2000. She has embraced several different massage techniques and has been drawn to therapeutic massage for clients with unique medical challenges. This includes individuals ranging in age from premature babies in their first days home to adults in their 90s; from the beginning of life to their last days. Her clients have experienced pain and stress relief, along with increased joint range of motion and better circulation. She has worked in homes, hospitals and hospice settings.


She became interested in massage after she saw how her son benefited from it. He lived his life classified as being non-verbal and quadriplegic. The pain relief and health benefits he received were enormous. This is what prompted her career change and continues to motivate her today.  She combines a variety of techniques, tailoring your massage to your needs, comfort and preferences.  Her professional motto is “working with you to make your body a more comfortable place to live”.


When not at work Sherrill enjoys volunteering and bowling. She also enjoys family time with kids and grandkids.

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