Jess Andrews, LSW

Child and Family Therapist

Gender Identity and Gender Affirming Care Specialist

Jess is a Licensed Social Worker who is passionate about working with youth and their families to heal and pursue personal happiness. She attended the University of Denver – Colorado, where she completed her Master’s of Social Work with a concentration in Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Practice, and Human-Animal-Environment-Interactions. She also completed her undergraduate degrees in Social Work and English at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.


Jess’ clinical background involves working with an array of clients in a variety of settings, including youth in schools and residential treatment and adults in education, group homes, and who are actively incarcerated. Jess is invested in the child welfare, education, criminal justice, and animal welfare systems and their intersections. She is dedicated to working with clients to challenge systems of oppression and cultivate personal happiness.


Jess’ approach to care focuses on the importance of relationships that encourage individuals to be themselves. She identifies as Queer, and stresses the importance of self-exploration, self-acceptance, and self-love in her work. She enjoys working with LGBT+ youth on discovering their authentic selves. She also works closely with her animal therapist companions to provide individuals with positive, therapeutic experiences that transcend species.


In her free time, Jess loves to tend to her several cats and two dogs (Loki, Hermes, Calypso, Veto, Mnemosyne, Bastet, Delphi, and Zephyr), playing games with friends, and enjoying all Colorado has to offer.

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