Massage Therapy

The Massage Therapy Team at The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver specializes in medical massage interventions for children with a variety of medical barriers.


The Massage Therapy Team receives training and certification from the Liddle Kidz Foundation, the primary certifying organization for pediatric massage professionals worldwide.


Our Massage Therapy practice primarily serves children on the CLLI, CES, and CHRP Medicaid Waivers and adults on the SLS Medicaid Waiver in the State of Colorado. Clients can also obtain funding for massage therapy services through their community centered board or County Department of Human Services.


Our massage space was created to maximize the child’s comfort in a non-clinical setting. The environment is calm and relaxing, even for the caregiver. The landscaping and water feature outside, on property, adds to the serene feel within the room.

Children require tactile stimulation through a variety of sources in order to fully develop their body, mind and spirit. Those children who receive massage therapy may experience many benefits including decreased anxiety, enhanced pulmonary and immune function, improved neurological development, sleep and digestive patterns. Massage can also be useful in targeting ailments specific to children with a medical barrier such as depression, post-surgical recovery, low or high tone muscles, pain management and quality of life.


The term massage therapy encompasses many modalities, from manual tissue manipulation to energy work. Although massage therapy is considered a Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM), our therapists use an Integrative Medicine (IM) approach working with medical team members to best customize massage therapy goals for each client.


Well-infants/children, as well as medically-challenged children, receive modified massage, one way or another. Children are still growing and have developing joints, even after the age of 15, therefore the common, spa-like treatments are not necessarily appropriate for children.


There is a broad spectrum of contraindications for massage, for children and adults. Each client will receive a customized session based on their specific medical challenge(s). Typically, manual tissue manipulation can increase or decrease blood flow which is not appropriate for every client. Increased blood flow may alter the absorption rate of a medication, changing the prescribed intent. Therefore, an extensive medical evaluation will be conducted, typically 45-60 minutes for children with medical barriers.


Bring, or have available, your child’s favorite blanket, pillow, snuggly stuffed animal or toy for sessions. Their own music is encouraged. A child processing a medical scenario can be traumatic which occasionally reveals itself during massage. It is important to build a rapport and trust with each child. All children will give permission before the massage therapist begins to provide touch as some perceive any touch as “painful”. Our team will work with any client to break thru and understand proper boundaries of touch.


Children do not disrobe during any session and parents are encouraged to remain in the massage room, especially for the first several sessions. Oils, lotions, creams nor essential oils are utilized at our Center due to potential contraindications with medical conditions, medications or allergies. If approved by your therapist, you may bring in a product for use on your child. Lounging pants, shorts or loose, comfortable clothing is encouraged. Most clients remain in full street clothing. Shoes and AFO’s are typically removed by parent.


Office visits can be reserved for 30 or 60 minute increments. Home visits, although limited, will be scheduled for 60 minutes. Home bound clients receive first priority for home visits.

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Coverage accepted for these services: CES Waiver, CHRP Waiver, CLLI Waiver, SLS Waiver, Mill Levy/Family Support Funds, Private Pay (Sliding Fee Scale options available)

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