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Sliding Scale FAQ’s

Who is eligible for the sliding scale?

The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver offers a sliding scale fee for those who cannot afford the full fee. The sliding scale is designed to help those who do not have out of network coverage or have high insurance deductibles. The scale is based on availability and financial need.

How do I know if I am eligible?

In order to be eligible for the sliding scale, you must apply and provide income information and an explanation of why you cannot pay the full fee. The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver uses Colorado’s defined thresholds for eligibility (typically 133% of the federal poverty level). If your household income is higher then these guidelines, while we are thankful for your thinking of our Center, we will not be able to offer sliding scale at our Center. In such cases, we kindly recommend you visit the Open Path Collective.

How long can I receive a sliding scale rate?

Sliding scale rates are approved for a duration of 3 months at a time. If at any point during that time your income situation changes, please communicate this to your therapist. After your rate expires, you will default back to the full fee unless you re-apply for sliding scale and are approved. Generally, there is a limit to how many times sliding scale will be approved and you can expect to eventually default to the full fee. For this reason, we ask that you consider sliding scale a benefit that is intended to help you bridge a time of financial hardship, rather than a permanent change in your fee.

What time slots are eligible?

Sliding scale rates are reserved for session times that have a lower demand. Considering this, you may need to change your regular session time in order to receive the sliding scale benefit. Time slots on weekdays from 9am to 3pm are generally eligible for sliding scale rates.

What are the rates?

The full fee for Child and Family Therapy Sessions is $130/50 min. Sliding scale rates range from $90-130 per session.

The full fee for Music and Massage Therapy sessions is $80 per session. Sliding scale rates range from $60-80 per session.

The full fee for a psychiatric care session (non-intake) is $135/session and $250/session for intake. Sliding scale rates range from $105-135/session and $220-250/session respectively.

Sliding Scale Form

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