The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver

The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver is compassionately dedicated to improving the lives of each family we serve.  We strive to create and maintain an inclusive, supportive and collaborative environment that is safe and embracing of all cultures and backgrounds.  We work to be aware of our individual biases and value human differences; we encourage input, visibility and feedback from all.  We desire for every individual – clients and staff, to be heard, respected and empowered to live authentically.

The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver tailors each session based on the needs and therapeutic goals of the client. Our therapists have worked with thousands of clients to successfully implement actions plans for sustainable growth and change. Our therapists focus on building healthy coping mechanisms, changing dysfunctional family patterns and building a healthy support system to have the tools for sustainable change.



The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver team would like to thank you and your families for your continued kindness and understanding during this last year and a half of twists and turns throughout the pandemic. We have been so humbled to continue to serve your families.


Based on updated regulatory mandates and guidance, The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver has opened up all in-home therapy services. Limited in-office sessions are available at both our south (Greenwood Village) and north (Westminster) offices; If you are a current CFTCD family and have any questions about reintegrating in person please contact your direct therapist(s). Telehealth continues to be available for child and family therapy as well as music.

We continue to adhere to all public health guidance on a broader return to full in-person services.


If you have any questions about the therapeutic techniques or services provided by The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Services

At The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver; we provide the following services:
Child Therapy, Family Therapy, Music Therapy, Massage Therapy and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy

Child Therapy

We specialize in individual child therapy with the application of expressive therapy approaches such as play, art, and sand play therapy.

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Family Therapy

All families go through conflict at some point in their relationships. We help families grow through conflict in a healthy way in group and family sessions tailored to your family’s goals.

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Music Therapy

Music therapy sessions are led by board-certified music therapists who work with clients to discover powerful ways in which music can be utilized to facilitate change.

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Massage Therapy

The focus of pediatric massage therapy is to provide medical massage interventions for children with a variety of medical barriers.

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Coming Soon: Testing & Assessment

We work with you and your child to identify your child’s strengths and develop a support plan to address their challenges.

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If you have any questions about the services provided by us then please do not hesitate to contact us!
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