Music Therapy

Music therapy sessions are designed to meet the unique needs of individuals based on non-musical goal areas including:


  • Developmental growth
  • Emotional needs
  • Social/ behavioral needs
  • Sensory needs
  • Cognitive skills
  • Communication skills (verbal or non-verbal)


Music therapy sessions are led by board-certified music therapists who work with clients to discover powerful ways in which music can be utilized to facilitate change and growth. Musical experiences are success-oriented and tend to be hands-on. Clients are encouraged to actively participate in sessions through playing, creating, analyzing, and moving to music. Learn more about the amazing power of music therapy at


Heartbeat Recordings


Heartbeat Recordings utilize a recording of your child’s heartbeat as the rhythmic base to a special song. These songs are created as legacy projects by the Music Therapy team to provide you and your family a unique song. Each song is individualized to ensure that it is a special keepsake memory for you and your family.


A member of the Music Therapy team will meet with you and your child to discuss your personal heartbeat project. This will include getting to know your family, discussing musical preferences, and recording a sample of your child’s heartbeat using our digital stethoscope. After the meeting the Music Therapist will combine your child’s heartbeat with a song of your choosing to create a unique, personalized song for your family.


These projects are a unique way for each child to have a special song that is truly their own, their own Heartbeat Song.

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