Andrea Castillo

Massage Therapist/Massage Therapy Supervisor

Andrea started her professional career as a ballet dancer after receiving her BFA in dance and dance education. This ignited her fascination with the human body, particularly the way moves and the optimization of muscular and skeletal function. Consequently, she decided to pursue further education at The Omaha School of Massage, with the aim of establishing a career in Massage Therapy.


In 2015, Andrea joined The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver, initially in an administrative capacity. She exhibits a profound dedication to both the company and the community it serves. In 2016, she underwent additional training in Pediatric Massage and Touch Therapy for Autism through the esteemed Liddle Kidz foundation, which enabled her to complete her transition into a clinical role as a Massage Therapist.


From 2019 until 2023, Andrea fulfilled the role of Massage Team Supervisor and Administrative Associate, working remotely while caring for her young children. Now she is thrilled to be stepping back into a clinical role again.

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