Emtethal Almasri

Administrative Associate/Intern
Emtethal is a graduate of UCCS with a B.A in Psychology and currently attending MSU Denver for her Master’s in Social Work. She is passionate about helping others find resilience amidst adversity and living their lives to the fullest.
Emtethal’s clinical background involves working with many individuals from different backgrounds. Her wealth of experience stems from her work with victims of crime as well as her role as a crisis specialist at 988 Lifeline. Emtethal’s approach to therapy is very person-centered, empowering clients to live their lives in an authentic way. Emtethal also values cultural identity and is conscious of the unique world view each person brings into the therapeutic space. In addition, Emtethal is dedicated to providing trauma-informed care as she recognizes the impact these experiences can have on individuals. She employs a compassionate, curious, and empathetic approach and is excited to help clients navigate their healing journey.
In her free time, Emtethal loves crocheting, yoga, attending spin classes, going to concerts, cooking, and learning Arabic. Emtethal also has a cat named Miko who she loves spending quality time with.
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