Beyond the Spa: Discover the Diverse World of Massage Therapy Careers

Massage therapy is a field with a wide range of career possibilities, and many massage therapists find work outside of traditional spa or retail chain settings.


Here are a few alternative career paths for massage therapists:

Sports massage: Many athletes, both professional and amateur, rely on massage therapists to help them recover from injuries and improve their performance. Sports massage therapists may work with teams, individual athletes, or at sports clinics and rehabilitation centers.

Medical massage: Massage therapists with an interest in healthcare may choose to work in a medical setting, such as a hospital, hospice, or rehabilitation facility. They may work alongside other healthcare providers to help patients manage pain, improve range of motion, and reduce stress.

Pediatric massage: Pediatric massage therapy is the application of massage techniques to children, typically from infancy to adolescence. The therapist uses a variety of gentle strokes, such as gliding, kneading, and vibration, to soothe and relax the child. The therapist can also use light pressure to help relieve pain and discomfort. Pediatric massage therapy can be beneficial for a wide range of conditions in children, such as: Easing pain and discomfort from chronic conditions, Helping children with developmental disorders or special needs to improve their communication and social skills, and Improving range of motion and flexibility, among others. Pediatric massage therapists can be found in hospitals and outpatient clinics, such as The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver.

Corporate wellness: Many companies now offer wellness programs to their employees, including on-site massage therapy. Massage therapists who work in corporate wellness settings may provide seated chair massage, office yoga classes and also assist with ergonomics .

Education and Research: Massage therapists with a passion for teaching can also become educators in massage therapy schools or colleges. Additionally, massage therapists may also choose to pursue research in the field, studying the effects of massage therapy on different health conditions or populations.


Overall, massage therapy is a versatile field, and there are many different career paths available to practitioners. With experience and a willingness to explore new opportunities, massage therapists can find meaningful and rewarding work in a wide range of settings. Discover a world beyond relaxation with a career in massage therapy – the possibilities are endless.


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